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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Maum Member

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    I haven't played anything for months and just getting back into things. The forum's changed! I've had to re-register which has thrown me a bit.

    Anyway I have finally completed Dishonored and loved it. It feels like I've barely scratched the surface as far as exploring goes though- I loved the city and the steampunk setting but it felt like the story was just a tad rushed considering the political intrigue and the wealth of characters introduced.
    I've bought the expansion packs and am going to get into it later but got sidetracked by Dreamfall which I purchased on Gog a while ago but hadn't got round to playing. Just like the first time round the game has me completely engrossed and I am rather resenting every day life at the moment. I just want to play Dreamfall for a day or two straight.

    Otherwise have bought The Walking Dead as a next game.

    I also bought Remember Me (without realising it was a Steam game) but for some reason can't launch it on my PC. I thought the premise and setting looked interesting and am quite frustrated about my technical issues.
  2. CrisGer Member

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    Dreamfall is truly superb, take your time and explore all of the nooks and crannies the character design is awesome and the story wonderful ...and there will be a sequel they are making it now so you are in luck. i found if i changed the X and Y settings in the controller at the start it was much easier for some reason they reversed one of them dont rmember which. Anyway great to hear you like it. Ragnar will be pleased.

    Dishounoured i tried but the theme depressed me, the constant reminders of the grim story were too much considering the rather grim nature of my own life at the moment and over recent years. but i found the openning stunning and am glad you liked it. I didnt know much about the expansions, are they full new story add ons?

    I am trying Two Worlds 2 and am up to the point where you get a horse but havent made it into the second main city yet. rather tedious at times with all of those nasty savages. that gets old fast. But the graphics are quite interesting and it is a huge open world, rather nice parts of it, but i will have to wait to see how it does over some time. learning all of the skills is complex as well. i am NOT a forumlae RPG player bho i can see how they tried to add all of the possible RPG detail that aoyone might want.

    The callous way the main character makes rather odd comments when he kills stuff is a bit off putting as well. And i suspect the revealing female clothing will lead to nothing at all, the racy views of the sister are a ploy and i have a feeling it will be bare of love interest. Too bad as that was a nice part of other RPGs...well we will see how it goes.
  3. Maum Member

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    I had actually played (and finished) Dreamfall 6 years ago and had been meaning to play it again for a while but my copy didn't install on Windows 7. When I saw it on Gog I jumped at the chance to get it.
    I don't find it dated at all. The voice acting is still superb, the settings lovely and the story as compelling as I remembered. I am dreading the goblin caves bit but aside from that am having a blast. In fact the two active games I have on at the moment are Dreamfall and the Witcher- exactly like 6 years ago.

    Dishonored is pretty grim but I thought the storyline was very compelling. In fact it's a shame that the characters aren't fleshed out more. It is a 'different' fun game but it does feel like a wasted opportunity- it could have been a potential masterpiece.

    The expansion is a double pack- one is Dunwall City trials- 10 missions to complete, not sure if they are mercenary style one offs or if they are directly related to the game story.
    The second is played from the perspective of Daud (the assassin who killed the Empress) so hopefully will be more complex and have some backstory.
  4. Fnord Member

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    I got in the mood for some Total War-esq strategy. So I installed Rome Total war (1). And ugh, the AI, it is horrible. Even on hard/hard I could defeat the AI with minimal losses, even when they had both numbers & quality on their side (~800 kills to ~50 kills was not an uncommon sight). So I grew bored with the game. As I always do with Total War games.

    Sounds like it would be worth checking out if it's ever on a sale.
  5. Andromus Member

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    It should show up at 50-75% off in the Steam Halloween and/or Christmas sale, and that's quite a bargain for the amount of gameplay. I thoroughly enjoyed it; there's quite a bit to do besides the main quest with various side quests and several mini games that improve your abilities.
  6. CrisGer Member

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    Ya the TW games seem great in the screen shots and i keep trying but get bored fast. it is really just playing toy soldiers virtually. and virtually. :)

    TV Rome 2 does have cool ships tho... but sigh fear it may be the same. I got tired of Two Worlds 2 too, too squalid and shabbyh in the desert cities, it maybe be nicer in other areas but i got bored and tired of wandering around in a virtual Beruit esp with all of the sad things happening in that part of the world these days. Want greener pastures. I may try the second of the Juarez western games.
  7. XerNosam New Member

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    In between short bouts of Kingdoms of Amalur and GTA V I'm playing Far Cry 3 again. For me, it's the perfect FPS... it just gets everything right, IMO. Huge open world, weapon variety, excellent AI, gorgeous visuals, extremely tight controls, and skill advancement. I absolutely LOVE playing it. Pure fun.
  8. markornikov Member

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    Every 2 years or so i take a free 14-day subscription of EVE-Online.
    Over the years the game has improved a lot, but combat is still awfully boring and trading, exploring still remains terribly complicated. The game probably becomes more fun after many hours of tedious grinding, but i just don't have enough patience to make it that far.

    ps: Every game developer should take a look at their character customisation, it's just perfect.
    No tedious messing with sliders, with a few mouseclicks one can easily adjust every detail of the character model.
  9. Stiler Member

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    I tried to get into eve but I just can't.

    The fact that you can't even actually control your ship outside of simply "clicking" on space to go there is mind numbinglyboring and combat is just click click.

    I liked the sandbox that it does but that's about it.

    Thank goodness we got Star Citizen to look forward to which will hopefully fill that gap, and it seems many people are looking forward to it, the highest crowdfunded game of all time right now (over 20 million raised).
  10. markornikov Member

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    Don't forget about the latest X game that will come out next month, X Rebirth. Which for me as a single player sounds even more promising than Star Citizen at this point.
  11. Stiler Member

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    You do know Star Citizen is going to have a single player story-focused campaign right (like Wing Commander) called Squadron 42.

    The X games seemed more geared toward freedom and doing what you wanted, trading, etc vs Wing Commander where you had a set narrative that drove you through it.

    Plus Star Citizen will have an open world where you can do all that once you're done with single player (or it can be skipped and you can choose to get right into the open world) where you can play it with other players or private if you want.
  12. markornikov Member

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    I've read about it, but the details are still vague. I hope the multiplayer part won't interfere too much with the single player gameplay.
    On the other hand a 'real economy' and a constantly changing universe, might add to the realism of the SP expirience.
  13. Stiler Member

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    Here's a good read up for you about it and how it works with sp/mp and the structure of it all:

    It's taking a lot of queues from both Eve (one big universe all connected, though there are private servers you can play on if you wish) and Dark souls (Seamless filling of the world with other players, ability for players to be enemies in single player, etc).

    However all of this is your choice, if you want to do the single player solo without any other real players you can, if you want co op with friends you can and so on.
  14. Lucien21 Member

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    X Rebirth looks interesting.

  15. Fnord Member

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    Knock-knock as finally been released! I supported the kickstarter for this, and while it's late (it was supposed to have been released 9 months ago), it seems like it was worth it. The game seems rather unique (like all Ice-pick lodge games, their most "normal" game was about kicking naked hairless dwarves in order to extract "fun" so that you could buy machine parts from the god(s))

  16. CrisGer Member

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    I will wait to see if Star Citizen can fill two essential requiremnets for a good space game:

    Good full interiors of Space ships WITH good extrnal views ie from a working cockpit, and even dare we hope, dynamic fellow crew members,and shuttles to and from planets and other ships.

    Good full 3d Stations with full people you can visit like they had on a few other games, AND full 3d planets you can land on and move around on.

    i coudl care less about trading and ship upgrades that has been done to death. I will hope but not too much for non one seems to realize we are bored to death with the Wing Commander Privateer model that just about every other space games seems to have fallen into since. The new X universe game does indeed satisfy some of this so i am more hopeful for it. but will keep hoping Star Citizen can be better but the title is not promising. A bit weird. but we will see.

    i tossed out Two Worlds 2, too boring and too much like being trapped in a Middle East nightmare of endless grinding and the bloom in the graphics was boring as all heck.
  17. markornikov Member

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    Couldn't have said it better myself, what a dissapointment indeed. :confused:

    I've been replaying one of my old favourites, Final Fantasy VII. The game aged surprisingly well, the story can be a bit silly and childish sometimes but overall it's still a great game.
    Arriving for the first time at the gold saucer and racing chocobos brings back great childhood memories.
  18. Stiler Member

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    Star Citizen is meant to be fully immersive. They are designed all ships to be viewed from first person within the cockpit as well as moving around inside the ships. You can have crew members (AI or real people) within your ship.

    Here is a video showing this (go to 2:12 to see him get into the cockpit):

    AS far as external view it's still up in the air, the reason is that since the game is going to be online an external view would naturally lead to people using it having an advantage (Being able to see under/around your ship) whereas the first person view would be at a disadvantage. Some people want it, some think it will ruin "Balance" of online play/pvp.

    I for one think they could do third person and simply not render any player ships unless it's within your field of view, thus it's balanced and you can play in third person if you want.

    They are going to have planets and space stations populated with npc's/other players as well. However as far as seamless entering of planets/landing on them with atmospheric flight, that's not going to be in, at least at release.

    Another thing Star Citizen will have is out of ship combat, being able to board other ships, having fps fights on them or other area's, it's not just spaceship fighting.
  19. CrisGer Member

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    that sounds very hopeful thanks.

    Re Final Fantasy, you should try out Final Fantasy XIV, i have spent a lot of time in it for the past weeks, after being invovled in support for the development and it is brilliant some of the most beautiful sceery and world design I have ever seen in any MMO truly breathtaking.

    I will indeed look forward to seeing what they do with Star Citizen, it does sound like they have really decided to push for some good content. thanks for the update.
  20. Tincup2 Member

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    Yeah thanks for the update too. I'm impressed by the physics/inertial model they've put together, and with a fully developed 1st person cockpit experience this may finally be a space combat 'sim' I can sink my teeth into.

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