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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Fnord Member

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    Didn't Battlecrusier Millennium offer explorable planets as well as a robust space sim? I've not actually played it (only the first Battlecruiser), but I've seen landbound screenshots from that game.
  2. CrisGer Member

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    Yes it does to a degree, you can actually drive around in land vehciles and there is story on planets plus you can land and take off from them, but the graphics are equivelent to early Quake, and not very nice. Plus it wont work on modern systems. sadly. I am going to try to study it more. I keep hoping for a complete space story, space AND planets as that would be the most accurate. Maybe in time the X universe will get to that too. For now i am impressed that they have moved INTO their stations and will give us more in the ships too.

    Battlecruiser allows you to DO things with your ship and crew but you dont actually get interior space to move around in. Almost no space sims have that, and the ships in SWTOR are lame ..just an interior like any other.

    The X universe has neglected the ship interiors up to now, they even neglected to give us cockpits in one major title and fans had to create them as a mod. Now they plan to do more with that. We got to see some interiors in the Star Wars Outcast and Academy cut scenes but never had them ourselves. Ditto in the neglected and fantastic Chrome FPS ..should try that if anyone hassent...one of the best.

    Freelancer no cockpit or interiors, ditto Wing Commander, and Freespace, strange that all of these developers just forgot or neglected to think we might like a 3D interior. Not even the wonderful Homeworld gives us one. Or Tachyon, which is remarkable I dont remember about Dark Star the space sim, not that newer mystery one. Star Wars The Knights of the Old Repulbic you get a ship interior but no ship control other than one mini game where you mad a turret. Of course the X Wing series are all about space combat but no real ship interiors other than lobby type set ups with dont really count.

    It just is so obvious as a game subject but no one has done it yet. thanks for the notes on Noctis IV

    Actually i do now remember o game that HAS both planets and space ships with interiors, actually two...Halo and also Advent Rising!....but you can only control the ships in Advent to a very minimal degree in the intro section and Halo you dont control the ships at all that i know of, other than the small ones on planets. But i have only started Halo 2, maybe they added it.

    I guess i need to report in general i did finally get Halo 2 to run on XP, took a while. It is a lot of fun and quite lovely in its own way, the Halo series is remarkable....quite unique and bueaitful at times.
  3. DeathRay Guest

    Just an update that I finished Chapter 1 of: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition (PC version available through Steam) and am completely awed by the atmosphere and story. Heck, actually everything about the game is awesome so far. The default control settings are for keyboard only but after remapping to also use the mouse for the two main action commands, I'm not having any problems at all. I feel that anyone who enjoyed the Witcher series or latest two Batman Arkham games, would also enjoy this title. Not sure if the demo is still available, but try it out if you're interested and it's available. Happy Gaming.
  4. Tincup2 Member

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    I mentioned some posts ago I was playing Far Cry 3. Correction, it's Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon. I'm new to the series and mistook the standalone add-on as the original 3.

    Hmmm... it took quite a lot of effort and a bunch ofl Uplay reinstalls/patching to get it running without crashing and 'disappearing' save games. I think I have it now but I'm really hating on the Uplay system, and the 'big-step-backward' save game routine in Far Cry. All the re-installs/crashes have meant replaying that confounded 'tutorial' phase a million times, and consistently repeating 20-30m of gameplay with their confounding auto save. To make matters worse Uplay's paranoic DRM scheme even makes trading save games online [to skip the tutorial for instance] very problematic.

    I am not someone who devotes 8 hour per gaming sessions and can who can overlook a crappy save game system - I game a few minutes/hours where I can, and a save system that makes you continuously have to repeat 20-30m of play is absurd. But the Far Cry games *are* pretty cool.

    Uplay has given me grudging respect for Steam. When I fresh installed W7 and had it set up just right, I was able to get my stable of Steam games up and running with minimal fuss, no re-installation - just some updating. So as much as I detest invasive DRM, at least Steam lets you get on with it! Uplay really feels like a work in progress. The front end is continuous 'updating' itself, can have a hard time recognizing if/where you have one of it's games after a roll back, sports a mysterious/self-defeating save game storage mechanic, and offers very little/confusing feedback on the version/patch level and staus of an installed game. I'll try to avoid it in the future.
  5. CrisGer Member

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    I agree..Uplay has become "IDONOTPLAY" for me. it is the worst game lobby system in the universe and getting worse. Truly a draconic nightmare. Sorry that they put Far Cry into that a dumb move by Crytek.

    that being said, what is the setting? still Affica? i lost interest when they moved from the South Pacific, Africa is just not my cup of tea in any form....and i dont like some of the things you have to do in the newer titles after Far Cry 1 which remains one of my all time Gold Favorites. Any screenies? And what IS the save system in that game? it sounds bad.
  6. Lucien21 Member

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    It's not set in Africa.

    Check out the Giant Bomb look at Far Cry 3 if you want a taste of the game.

  7. Tincup2 Member

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    Blood Dragon is in a non-specific location, a sort of wacky sci-fi kind of place. But I wish it wasn't so compelling since Uplay is the absolute worst and if I don't give up on it soon I hope i will for my own self respect... [a sane save game system? Please?...]
  8. CrisGer Member

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    wow looks very nice. Dont try that video tho, the two jerks on it are beyond terrible to listen to. But the scenery is beautiful. I will have to give it a try.

    UPDATE: nope not for me. I dont really enjoy the remote Island populated with violent criminals and lord of the flies style fight for your life idea much, not in books or movies or games. I can see the scenery is amazing, and may check it out for that, but i will for sure use any cheat or God Mode i can find to avoid having to do deathly struggle and kill lots of people and stuff..i have no idea why games have become the haven of such violence and angst when the machines and software can create such fantastic worlds. Ah well, nuff said. thanks for the links.
  9. Tincup2 Member

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    I haven't managed to progress far enough to know if Blood Dragon follows the standard Far Cry formula you describe Cris. I'm not even sure if I'm on an Island at this point.

    The save game system is baffling - I thought the save debate ended years ago with the 'let players save when they want to' side the winner. Apparently not - as I said before, unless you can, and are willing, to devote extended hours of play at a shot you will find yourself repeating the last 20-30m of game play each time you re-enter the game - since most likely you quit the game about that far away from the next autosave point. The tutorial took 50m-60m to complete and if you quit before it was over [no clear indication] you had to start over, and over...

    At some point you are allowed to save your progress, but that appears to only at the end of a 'mission', and I don't seem to have gotten to that point yet. So it's: clear out the T-Rex dragaons, blow up the power station, enter the military compound again, potentially over and over, and hopefully if you play long enough you'll get a save and not to repeat the whole sequence again and again.

    I'm dismayed that a PC game as well received relies on such a crude save mechanic.

    So, at the rate I'm going I doubt very strongly that I will discover much about what's going on in the FC3-BD world...
  10. XerNosam New Member

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    Hey Tincup2... you are correct that the individual 'missions' autosave once complete. Outside of a mission you can save at any point using F9 for Quick Save (F11 is Quick Load). When using manual save I believe (it's been a while since I played) you start at the nearest hub/spawnpoint.

    I personally didn't find the save system too incredibly annoying but it's definitely not as pleasant as, say, Skyrim's :)

    I've never picked up FC3: Blood Dragon as it seemed like it would be obnoxious and headache inducing (due to the color palette used) but FC3 is one of my most favorite shooters of all time... gets (almost) everything right...
  11. Fnord Member

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    Uplay is still miles better than Games for windows live. What other program of this kind forces you to download a legacy client in order to download the DLC (at least for Fable 3), without telling you anywhere about this? And the constant server connection issues *shudders* But that one is being scrapped, though I am a bit worried about the games that are dependent on it, what will happen to them?
  12. Tincup2 Member

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    @ XN: I can definitely see the attraction of Far Cry and if I can get past the save routine I'm eager to continue. I have to get over the ordeal of multiple Uplay induced re-installs, download updates, tutorial re-starts etc. We'll see - it is pretty cool.

    @ Fn: I think I tried and abandoned a Win Live! game install once because of the incredibly tedious/annoying download aspect and DLC. But neither am I in love with Uplay - as I mention above - it seems to be blind to the presence of an installed and updated game and I had to repeat the installation process numerous times after even minor OS rollbacks. Steam is on the ball and correctly detects the status of it's games - even after a rollback or OS reinstallation - assuming you have Steam and Steam games installed on a separate drive than your OS - which I do for all my games and data.

    Hopefully I can return to normal gaming chat soon!
  13. CrisGer Member

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    both game lobby systems are borked and a vain attempt to twart the ever present pirates who seem indominable ..so why bother? i am impressed by the realism i glimpsed in Far Cry 3, and will definietly take a peek at it. I wonder if there are save games on line anywhere that may help once you see where a misiosn is going?
  14. markornikov Member

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    Not that bothers me, but it's indeed one of the most violent games i've ever played. If you thought the animal killing in the latest Tomb Raider was bad, you haven't seen how gruesome the animal killing and gutting in FC3 is.
    Unfortunately it's an essential part of the gameplay.
  15. CrisGer Member

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    Yes i had heard about that, and am afraid i may take a miss on this title for several reasons. I know they meant well with the new Tomb Raider and tried hard, and the intro of new content, ie the historic Japanese material was fun and I really hoped to see it. I was just shocked by the intro of so much graphic violence but i may return to that one at some point... as i am doing some work in support of Square Enix and an interested to see what they are doing.
  16. Tincup2 Member

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    Loading other peoples saves is hit or miss according a number of forum threads I read trying to find out an answer myself. Different patch versions, country codes, and some sort of encryption make more than likely you won't have luck. I tried several with the hopes of getting past the tutorial once and for all, but luck did not shine on my efforts. I'm resigned to push ahead..

    I'm not happy to hear about the need to kill llots of animals tho - not my 'cup o tea' in the simulated violence arena. Turned me off from Tomb Raider right away.
  17. CrisGer Member

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    Glad i had company with that :) i guess i just dont have the killer instincts....sorry about the saves it is tricky. I managed to finally get a decent save set assembled for Mafia II because there are some very hard levels and i wanted people to be able to see past them if they couldnt get thru them. But it is not easy.
  18. Stiler Member

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    I have been enjoying two games recently.

    First off I've been playing Final Fantasy: A realm reborn.

    Square Enix really turned it around compared the garbage game that FFXIV 1.0 was, and they actually put a lot of work into this game from overhaulging it with new graphics, redesigning the world (1.0 had a ton of copy + pasted textures and the world was very very cramped feeling like you were walking down a narrow path most of the time.

    A realm reborn isn't really anything "new" in terms of mmo's, in fact it's more reminiscent of older mmo's with it's slower paced combat, it's very clear "Trinity" class setup (tank/healer/dps roles).

    What sets it apart mainly is the freedom. There is absolutely no need at all for you to have "alts" in the game. Your character can learn and do every single class/job in teh game. The way it works is that basically the classes are tied to weapons, Archer = bow, gladiator = sword (tank), Healer = staff, etc. The only requirments to switch classes is that you have to hit level 10 in your starting class, and then you have to simply go to the other classes guild and do a simple starting quest to unlock that class. After this you merely have to swap weapons and in turn it swaps your "Class." So if you are playing as an Archer and get a bit bored, you can just switch to another class and play it a bit.

    On top of this you can also mix skills from other classes which you have leveled up. So if you want to put some skills from a healer into your tank class, you can. The higher level you are the more skills you are able to pick from other classes to mix with the class you currently are.

    The "job" system is basically an extension of it's main class, but it has unique skills that are more benefical to a group. To unlock a job you have to raise multiple classes, a bard for example you have to reach level 30 with your archer class, and then level 15 with the pugilist class. Then you will unlock a quest to become a bard. Your "job" levels with it's class, so if you are playing solo (Classes are better suited for solo play, as Jobs you can not mix any class skills with theirs except for the classes that the job is taken from, a bard can only have Archer/pugilist skills for example) it's better to play as your class, whereas in a group (Where you'll have a dedicated healer/tank, etc) your job role is more beneficial and usually geared to offering more of a group focused role. Bards for instance can play songs to enhance their group or provide regeneration for their mana/stamina.

    The game also borrows a bit from Guild Wars 2/Warhammer, as it has a"fate" system, which is basically the same as guild wars 2 events system.

    overall I am enjoying it, but I haven't played mmo's for a bit so it might just be that "new game smell," but to me for the time I've already put into it (I have currnetly leveled to 25 archer, 22 lancer, 21 puglist, and 15 arcanist) it's easily been worth the 29.99 it cost.

    Apart from this I have been enjoying the newly released Adventure horror game, Outlast.

    This game has some GREAT atmosphere and some truly creepy moments. It's quite similar to Amnesia the dark descent (can't wait for a machine for pigs out next week!).

    You are put into the shoes of a reporter who goes to investigate an Asylum that a corporation has taken over and things aren't quite as they should be there.

    Instead of the usual "Flashlight/lantern" you get in these kinds of games you instead get a video camera, which works as both a way to "zoom" in to things far away so you can get a better view of things from a distance and it also has a "nightvision" mode so you can see in the dark. However the nightvision uses batteries which run out quite fast and you have to find new ones in the environment (much like you have to find matches in Amnesia).

    Well worth the 19.99 it costs on steam if you like those style of horror adventure games.

    I also made the mistake of Pre Ordering Rome 2: Total war. I looooooove the Total war games, have played them all from Shogun 1, medieval, Rome, empire, etc.

    However I have never quite felt as "cheated" by a TW game as Rome 2 currently makes me feel.

    Performance is TERRIBLE, they talked about how the game uses the same engine as Shogun 2 and people could expect performance similar to that. I can run Shogun max with decent framerates but Rome 2 , even set to just "high" (even though the game detects my system and sets it to "extreme") I struggle to maintain even 30 fps.

    That's not even half the problem. AI in the game is just flat out broken/dumb, with armies that refuse to engage properly or even use decent tactics, instead doing ostupid things like charging your front lines with slingers (a range unit who's poor in melee combat) to just rushing your lines with 0 thought to formations or anything.

    The main culprit of this behavior is the new "Flag" system. Which they made in order to try and stop the "camping" issue (whereby one player will find a good strategic spot, IE a hill/trees for an ambush and just sit there) however now the game just loses all of it's tactical appeal. It's went from a game about actually fighting and winning to a game of "capture the flag" and feels very "Gamey" because of it.

    The game will randomly plop down a flag, and it's usually in the middle of a map and no where near any kind of hill or strategic terrain and it's all about who holds it.

    You can literally fight the enemy army, DECIMATE his entire forces and then "lose" because he sent a single unit of cavalry to the flag and got it before you could get there in time, so even though you have thousands of men vs his single unit, you lose the battle, which makes 0 sense in any logical way.

    Here is a great video by AngryJoe showing this kind of AI off:

    A patch is coming out today (friday) and hopefully the game will become decent, maybe with some good mods like the previous TW games have gotten.
  19. markornikov Member

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    Happy beta testing Stiler :p Isn't it great when a game developer let's you buy a game on pre-order and then delivers an unfinished game.
    Had the same thing happening to me with Far Cry 3 and SimCity (which is still broken btw)
  20. CrisGer Member

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    Stiller what server world are you on? i am on one of the Japanese ones Kujuta, but also have one on Coerl, one is 15 Gladiator and the other is 21 Gladiator/12 Conjuerer i love the game it is remarkable and one of the most beautiful i have ever seen ..i have been working with Square Enix in the development for a while now and am very glad you like it, Yoshi San has done an amazing job of pulling it all together and keeping the standards high and the deciisons about game structure rational and quite innovative. Has had around 300,000 simultaious log ons per region since launch and more coming. :)

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