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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Halcyon Member

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    This is a rhetorical question: What on Earth happened to this site? Where are the old threads, the archives? What happened here? What is its purpose, its value? I'm shocked.

    Man, this is terrible. Am I at the wrong URL? My avatar image isn't even here.

    The last incarnation was bad, but it had content. This has nothing. Please write to me: timscape@yahoo.com with your take.

    I am totally saddened by this.
  2. Stiler Member

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    Halcyon, the forum software was updated (and it needed it imo).

    You can find the archive of old forum posts at the bottom right, called "Legacy forums."

    You can upload your avatar by simply hovering your mouse over your name in the top right corner and selecting "Avatar" from the drop down menu.

    You can also change the color scheme of the forums by selecting the style chooser at the bottom left of a page.
  3. Halcyon Member

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    Holy #$#%*. This is better? My avatar finally popped in, but my god. What value does this site hold? What's its brand, what is its focus and mission? Why would anyone even come here to converse? It's the same people all the time. There used to LIFE here. It used to be DARING to talk about non-adventure games and "action." Jesus. Who cares about changing the color scheme? I don't even need a color scheme. I want meaningful interaction, evolution.

    Good luck here, for sure. I'll lurk and cherry pick the insights of those I respect here, but as a forum, as a site, no thank you.

    This place wasn't broken from the beginning. It appealed to a minority...but that minority was ridiculously offended because it wasn't receiving enough "respect" and "attention," so it cast its web wider. But in doing so, it also cast its web shallower. It's lost its identity as "just adventure." I've seen this happen countless times with special interest web sites. I am a specialist. I love minority pursuits.

    I'm a very minor voice here, but if you want to rant at me, don't do it here. I won't be back but intermittently. I won't write my email address for others to scrape, but you can email me at timscape at yahoo.com.
  4. Stiler Member

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    The last forum software was outdated, had many issues, and it didn't support many things that newer forum softwares do (and people have come to expect from forums).

    I don't see the big deal with updating the software. The site is still focused on adventure games, they kept all the old forum posts (in the legacy forums) , it's just a facelift for a forum software that needed it, they didn't change the goal of the site or do anything drastic like you may think.

    I wasn't ranting at you, I was merely telling you where you could find the old posts you asked about and mentioned the colour scheme if you wante dto change the colours to the blue/white style of the older JA site or something different, trying to make it easier on you.

    Many of us are still here that have been for years, I don't see a reason why you need to leave or think something has drastically changed or altered, it's just a software update to the forums. You can still talk to the people you've come to know on here, discuss, and do everything you could before on the old JA forums.

    I've enjoyed seeing your posts on here and don't want to see you leave because of something as simple as this.
  5. Kilroy Administrator

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    Hi Halcyon

    I went and install your Avatar and I do hope you will stay. As I hope the users of JA will say I am open to ideas and making the site better for you when possible. I do not think your a minor voice here and I would like to do what I can to have you be a regular here.

  6. Terry Penrod New Member

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    Back on topic...

    Recently I've been playing Dishonored, a great action-stealth title with some amazingly innovative gameplay.

    Also been playing Borderlands 2, a shooter that actually improves on the original and Risen 2, a very good sequel to a good RPG.

    Cheers, Terry
  7. Fnord Member

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    I've been playing R.U.S.E. during the last handful of days, and it is quite nice. Wargame: European Escalation is better, and a fare bit deeper, but R.U.S.E. is still a good game. I also got the DOOM collection, and I'm playing the first DOOM for the first time in about 10 years (or possibly more), and it still holds up surprisingly well, in particular with the alternative controls.
  8. XerNosam New Member

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    Hey Terry... I just started Borderlands 2 myself and think the very same of it - improved over the first. Improved detail and color palette. I've only just begun the game, but it's one of those that you're itching to play 5 minutes after you close it down for the night :)

    I also bough Risen 2 during the Steam summer sale and, while hearing quite a bit of negativity around it, am glad to see your comment of "very good", as I really dug Risen.

    I'm trying to play Sleeping Dogs, StarCraft 2: WoL, FlatOut 2 and PS:T as well, but nothing has grabbed me as much as Borderlands 2 has...

    On a side note, I really dig the new site setup... forums and all. Change is good, and a facelift was greatly needed (and deserved) on this amazing cool place to be :)
  9. CrisGer Member

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    Hi Terry, if you surf backwards in this thread i posted some pics from Dishonoured and we had some chat about it already> i started it and did enjoy parts but the subject was too depressing and dark for me..so i shelved it but am glad you are enjoying it.

    Hi Halcyon, nice to see you ..has been a while, yes changes happen in life, and i never find it easy but for this forum and this community i will go a long way with changes to keep in good company :) come back soon i hope.
  10. markornikov Member

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    Played Simcity again, it seems things have improved since it's disastrous launch. Servers are stable now, so even though the always-online isn't great, it's not causing any problems at the moment.
    Traffic simulation has improved a bit, but huge traffic jams can still cripple your cities for a few minutes, which is terrible during a fire or disease outbreak.

    It's not a bad game, but maxis surely could've done a better job.
  11. markornikov Member

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    Doing a final playthrough of Fallout NV, like i did with F3 last year.
    Specific things i need to do to consider this game completed:

    - Mr House Quests
    - NCR Quests
    - Great Kahns
    - find all snow globes
    - Old World Blues DLC
    - visit all locations

    Since the top three are incompatible this unfortunately means i need multiple saves.
  12. Fnord Member

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    You are in for a treat with Old World Blues, it is probably the best NV DLC.

    Personally I've decided to finally play Risen 2. The combat system does feel a bit more shallow than that of Risen 1 or the Gothic series, but hopefully it will get better later on.
  13. CrisGer Member

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    The funny thing about that new City game is that all we have to do is visit any real city and see it all for real :) but i wish them well. Would love to see the little ships and trains running around, cant imagine how they coded all that stuff. :)
  14. markornikov Member

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    Two Worlds 2 was on my wishlist for a long time and was 80% off today on steam so I grabbed it right away.

    Can't say that i'm really liking it though, a horrid interface and way too many cutscenes with stiff characters prevent me from getting immersed into the world.
    Maybe it's because i've been playing fallout NV, which is one of the best rpg's, that makes TW2 look bad in comparison.
  15. CrisGer Member

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    I loved the start of Two Worlds 2 but soon i felt like a hamster on a wheel, go here, go there, and no freedom really and even tho the graphics were so lovely, and that intro where you see a fleet of warriors landing, i think we will never get to see that kind of open country..so i gave up on it.
  16. Fnord Member

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    Two Worlds 2 opens up a lot once you get past the first island (which really is more of an extended tutorial)

    I've been playing quite a few classic action games/shooters. DOOM, DOOM 2, Heretic, Commander Keen & Shadow Warrior, but now I'm starting to feel like playing something with a bit more substance. Eyeing Divine Divinity, but that first dungeon is horrible...
  17. CrisGer Member

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    Ah, well i may give it another try Fnord thanks, i am not unforgiving, just gave up on that one but the graphics WERE lovely and quite remarkable for a RPG game. I didnt know you were sampling the old Dooms, they are wonderful. I have a pack of some of the best player made classic levels if you would like to try some...
  18. Fnord Member

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    Sure, those would be fun to try.

    While I did play the shareware version of DOOM back in the mid-late 90's, and I played some Final DOOM, it is not up until now that I've actually had the chance to play the full version of DOOM 1 & 2 (thanks to a recent sale that happened during QuakeCon). And I was surprised by how fun they actually turned out to be. I expected them to have aged poorly, due to how much smoother modern action games control, but I actually had more fun with DOOM than I've had with most modern titles. I also got Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen 1 & 2, Heretic and Quake 1 & 2+expansions & Commander Keen episode 1-5. I did play Quake 1 & 2 when they were new, and spent way too much time when I was in highschool playing multiplayer Quake on the school's computers (during class...), but I never got the official expansions until now.
    The only real downside with DOOM that I could find was its length. Even though the version I got was The Ultimate DOOM, which contains an extra episode, it was still less than 5h long. DOOM 2 was about the same length.
    Now I'm playing through Shadow Warrior. I've beaten the core game, and am about halfway through the first (out of 2) expansions.
  19. Melbo New Member

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    I'm still in the middle of a crysis. A sequel to it that is. Crysis 3. I still can't get over the almost photorealistic graphics.
  20. CrisGer Member

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    Crysis and CryTek are among the most advanced 3D worlds yet. They really have pushed the envelope since Far Cry, which set the stage for some amazing things. They are also very imaginative about levels but sadly the most recent Crysis titles tend to be a bit more tracked than the earlier open world model that Crytek uses. I use the CryEngine for a world project i have been working on and it is a superb series of engines.

    Fnord, i will get a pack up of the levels for you, some of them are superb, and much better than the original. There are some emulators that enable easy loading.

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