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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Fnord

    Fnord Member

    Japanese RPG. It's the kind of CRPG that was first created in Japan in the mid 80's, starting with Dragon Warrior/Quest and followed by Final Fantasy. Not all JRPGs are from Japan, it's just a name for that particular (sub?)genre. Anachronox & Septerra Core are two western games that are often classified as JRPGs (or at least JRPG-like, in the case of Anachronox).
  2. Maum

    Maum Member

    Oblivion is officially ruining my life.

    What an addictive game.
  3. Halcyon

    Halcyon Member

    Mods are still being created for Oblivion. It's nuts. I still have it loaded and active too. Skyrim too. FO3 too. New Vegas got so buggy I deleted it...but will probably go back.
  4. Maum

    Maum Member

    What I love about it is that it can be so easy. I tried FO3 and I found it really tough. I get a tad depressed playing a game where I run out of ammo and die so quickly.

    Oblivion is great in that respect even though NPCs sadly die a bit too often for my taste. I was a bit sad to lose some of them (Baurus in particular). Worse was when my horse died! I'd left him outside a dungeon and came back to find him dead eaten by wolves. I didn't have any saves (stupidly had saved over the autosave) and lost two days of gameplay because of it. I'm back at the scene of the crime and rather nervous at the moment- I got distacted following a ghost and am rather apprehensive at going back to where I left poor horse (who I named and everything).
  5. parakeet

    parakeet Member

    I am waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to come out for X Box. I still don't have an X Box One, so it looks like I'll be waiting until Santa Claus comes around again. :)
  6. markornikov

    markornikov Member

    I finallly found a new physical copy on amazon of Freelancer, for a reasonable price.
    Even 10 years on this is still the best space sim ever made, it should keep me satisfied until Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen are released

    I'm now playing the discovery mod, which adds 92 systems to the original game and expanding the lore. It keeps exploring the sirius sector interesting even for older players.
  7. Andromus

    Andromus Member

    Just started up Torchlight. Simple in structure but quite addictive. I can see the sameness of it all catching up to me at some point, but for now slashing through mobs and schlepping up loot is a lot of fun.
  8. Jehane

    Jehane New Member

    Some RPG (The Witcher, Skyrim), some shooter (Bioshock Infinite at the moment), and lots of simulations (Guild 1+2, Sims, SimCity, Anno-series, Caesar 3 + 4...). Currently, I'm pretty much obsessed with Dungeon Keeper; I love the dark humour *g*
  9. CrisGer

    CrisGer Member

    Maum you can revive your horse by opening console ~ and then click on the body and type Revive..and he will return to life. You wont need to go back to a save.

    I love Oblvion and have created an entire new city and adventures for it. I will post a thread once i update it a bit. glad you found it. it is lovely. I also have mods to reccomnd if you would like the info.

    Re Freespace, yes it is amazing, even if the cut scenes of the intro are very old.

    There is an updated version you can find here:


    Installer here: once you have installed Freespace 2 (you must own the full authentic game)

    all of the game content has been updated with the most modern graphics and improved ship models of all kinds an amazing feat achieved by years of dedicated work by hundreds of players with the full permission of the original developer. Please check it out there is a downloader that installs the entire file set. it is amazing.
  10. markornikov

    markornikov Member

    I'm about to dive into Star Wars: Kotor, i hope it's as good as Chris described it :D
  11. Karla

    Karla Administrator Staff Member

    Same here, Maum. It eventually had me neglecting other things I should have been doing. Sleeping, for example.

    I haven't played Oblivion in quite some time, though. I have a feeling that trying to install it on Win8 would be sheer folly.
  12. Maum

    Maum Member

    I installed it on Win8 without a hitch.

    I am now a vampire!!! Not quite sure how it happened and being very dense it took me a while to work out why the game was asking me 'feed' or 'talk' when I was clicking on a sleeping character. It only hit me when I walked outdoors in daylight and I started to burn alive... :)
    I am now on a hunt to cure myself.
  13. Karla

    Karla Administrator Staff Member

    Oblivion works on Win8? That's great news, Maum. Thanks!

    I managed to avoid becoming a vampire when I played it before -- that sounds rather unpleasant. :oops: The biggest problem I had was that my horses kept wandering off. It got really annoying after awhile...

    I think I hear the siren song of Oblivion calling to me. I'll have to try installing it now. Uh-oh. :D
  14. Stiler

    Stiler Member

    I've been playing Dark Souls 2 lately, very great game, you'll enjoy it if you liked Demons souls or Dark souls.

    Sunk about 60 hours into it and only a little over half-way through, but I am a completionist so it normally takes me longer then normal playthroughs.

    Wish there were more games like this or Dragon's Dogma out there.

    Good solid action-adventure games seem to have disappeared for the most part outside of those two series. Int he late 90's we had a ton of them, greats like Rune, Severance, Draken, Die by the sword, etc.

    Now we have Dark souls, Dragon's Dogma........and that's about all I can think of (at least good ones). Both of which come from Japanese developers while western developers seem to have ignored/abandoned the genre/style.
  15. Maum

    Maum Member

    Being a vampire SUCKS (pun intended). I am trying not to bite people and consequently have to travel and find ingredients in the night (which is not always possible). The witch who can make the cure is evil and at one point wouldn't talk to me and just attacked me instead- which meant I had to start the whole process from scratch. I now need garlic and having seen it everywhere I go pre-vampire I can't seem to find any at all anymore.
    Nearly done thank God!
  16. Halcyon

    Halcyon Member

    I see a lot of first-person vs third-person preferences in this thread. I am strictly a first-person guy---action or adventures. Sure, I'll play third-person if I absolutely have to in a top-notch game, but I won't like it. Some of you prefer third-person without a question.

    FYI: I do not play any games where you're 3500 feet over head and manipulating armies and such. I very much want to be on the ground, be in the action, face-to-face with whatever is to come. In that context, what is the appeal of third-person. (In games like Oblivion/Skyrim, Myst/URU, Witcher, etc.)
  17. CB

    CB Member

    For the record I found playing Skyrim in third person preferable since most of the time I found that switching from first to third actually gave a wider field of view of the surroundings which seemed to give me more awareness and control of the environment.
  18. Maum

    Maum Member

    I usually prefer third person but with Oblivion I go first person with fighting as I find it easier which means that most dungeon exploring I end up doing in first person.
  19. Fnord

    Fnord Member

    You could always change the first person FoV instead. Skyrim only has a FoV of about 70-75 by default (which is a bit on the low side for a PC game).

    And Oblivion was clearly designed with first person in mind. The 3rd person combat is just awkward in that game.
  20. CB

    CB Member

    Yes, although it applies to both perspectives. Sadly at the time I did not have the ideal equipment for Skyrim and thus increasing FoV from default induced notable edge distortion.

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