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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Fnord Member

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    I can't really see why you guys dislike Blood Dragon so much. I for one really like it. Then again, I'm also a big fan of 80's cyberpunk, and that is where Blood Dragon got most of its inspiration from. I love the aesthetics, and while the game is stupid, I think it's mostly stupid in an entertaining way. From what I've understood, it's only a 5-8h game, and I suspect that the game would start to overstay its welcome if it was much longer than that.
  2. markornikov Member

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    It's probably the huge contrast with the original game that ruins it, there's so little left of the original gameplay that i just didn't enjoy the game.
    An open world cyberpunk game would be great, but that gameworld feels empty and doesn't tempt me to explore the whole island.

    I"ve just had a similar experience with Saint's Row IV, which takes the ridiculousness of the series to a whole new level, which would be good.
    But aliens don't mix well with a SR game, shooting aliens gets boring really fast.
    It was also a terrible idea to recycle the city from the previous game, the alien structures don't change all that much to Steelport, so there isn't much new to discover .
    Saint's row IV is free to play this weekend, if someone wants to check it out themselves.
  3. Lucien21 Member

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  4. Andromus Member

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    I recently finished up Evoland, a rather good natured parody/tribute to the Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games. Not much of a game (nor is it really meant to be), but amusing enough.
  5. Fnord Member

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    I thought it, when it comes to exploration, suffered from the same issue that FarCry 3 did, in that while there are a lot of places to explore, most of them still look kinda the same. I did not bother to explore everything in FarCry 3 either, I just got the things that I stumbled upon.
    I also found the melee part of the game oddly satisfying. Simplistic, sure, but it was so fast and it felt satisfying to chain-take down a large group of enemies.

    And I have by the way beaten the game. Had it been a 20h game, I would probably have got bored with it, but as a 6h game, it was a nice little diversion. I also traded my way to it, with some left-over game keys, so I don't really feel cheated by the short length.
    Also, speaking of trading, I also got Tomb Raider (the new one) in a related trade. Is any of the DLC worth getting, for someone who don't intend to play the game in multiplayer? It mainly looks like cheats & multiplayer weapons when I look through the DLC-list.

    I'm looking forward to that one. They've still not released much information about it though.
  6. markornikov Member

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    Apart from an extra tomb (of which there are plenty in the game) there isn't any interesting DLC for the single player campaign.
    For me Tomb Raider was the game of the year, it did everything just right, i hope you'll enjoy it too.

    Cyberpunk is on the top of my wishlist, too bad 2015/16 is still far away.
  7. Stiler Member

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    There's also some clothing DLC (which has been on sale quite a bit) that lets you change the look of Lara.

    Doesn't really add anything to it but I ended up getting the Aviatrix costume for her which is like a 1930's bomber jacket for her to wear.
  8. Andromus Member

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    Just discovered Marvel Puzzle Quest, another variation on the match 3/RPG games I've been playing lately. I'm finding it very addictive; it hits the tone of the comics it's based on quite nicely. Unfortunately it's in the "free to play" format, but the game is pretty good at supplying the boosts you'll need to advance without paying for anything, if you're willing to replay levels. (I admit I broke down and got the basic starter pack as Steam was running a sale on them.)
  9. Fnord Member

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    Alright, so then I'll just ignore the Tomb Raider DLC.

    Anyway, got myself a copy of Might & Magic X. It plays a lot like the older versions of M&M (3-5 in particular) but with a smaller party, and a more intuitive interface. I've just started playing the game, so I can't really comment on how good it is yet, but it seem promising enough.

    Also, the game price seem to vary a lot between regions, so to anyone with the time & energy to do so, it might be worth seeing if anyone from eastern Europe/Russia has the game up for trade.
  10. Stiler Member

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    Russian prices are always cheaper for their games.

    A lot of "cd key" fly by the night webstores sell russian cd keys to other countries to make money (one of hte reasons steam and other things started region locking some keys so people can't do this).
  11. Fnord Member

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    In the case of M&M X the difference seem to be a bit more extreme than usual, so it is quite understandable that people seek the Russian alternative. 10€ vs 25€

    And some companies have actually started region-locking US keys as well, as they've realized that people from Europe & Australia often buy from US stores, as they are often ~30-35% cheaper (for Europeans, more so for Australians).
  12. markornikov Member

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    Yippie!! I've been selected to beta test The Elder Scrolls Online this weekend. So i'll probably won't be doing much else the next few days :D

    Unless it's a terrible MMO like most others...
  13. markornikov Member

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    It's a great game for an MMO but not so great compared to the other TES games.
    Main thing that I miss is the open world , you're stuck in the starting province until you complete the main quest for that region.

    Then again the interface is much better than Skyrim or Oblivion's, it's actually a traditional RPG interface.
    Combat is a good mix between TES button mash and WOW's abilities that can be activated with the number keys.

    The quests are great, so far i haven't encountered any fetch x or kill Y monsters yet, they're very varied and are of the standard TES quality.
    Graphics are ok, they're similar to vanilla Skyrim, unfortunately there won't be any modders this time who can improve them.

    Last but not least the gameworld is persistent unlike any other mmo, your actions do have an impact on the gameword, NPC's can die without changing things for the other players.
    NPC's also move around, depending on your progress, which adds to the realism of the game.

    On a final note there's one thing that really annoys me, the loading times, i'm already waiting for 20 mins to get to the Summerset Isles.
    Booting the game also takes forever, i hope it's only a problem in the beta.
    edit: it is apparently a problem with the servers, thankfully
  14. Stiler Member

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    Glad I can put it on an SSD.

    BTW SIXTY gb's for install, ouch :(.

    Maybe time to get a bigger ssd.
  15. XerNosam New Member

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    I'm currently playing the newly-released Thief... and am absolutely enjoying the heck out of it!

    It's amazing how the line has been drawn in the sand on whether folks like it or not - there's very few tepid or luke warm user responses to it... apparently it's love it or hate it. Official reviewers (so to speak) are, however, giving it a mediocre review on average.

    I'm on the side of "It's Awesome". I am a rabid fan of the original Thief games (I loved all 3) and this game scratches that itch, steels that wool and sands that banister. To me it hits all the right notes... an incredible steampunk/old world atmosphere, dripping with detail all over town. Quite a few have griped over it's contextual jumping but for me it works well and I've never had an instance where I wanted to jump onto something and wasn't able to. Robbing various random houses adds a nice quick fix element to swiping folks' belongings, and the whole place just feels 'lived in'... you hear random conversations... some of which give you clues to treasures. The side missions are great and have their own 'theme' each time.

    I will concede that the voice acting and animation leave a little to be desired, but that's simply cut-scene gibberish that I've no interest in with most games anyway... unless they're done with insane quality such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect or The Witcher 1 & 2.

    All in alll I'm having fun and that, ultimately, is the mark of a good game... yes, it's all about your preference, and the dearth of good sneakers may have a bit to do with my love for it... but it's a well done romp that I know I'll go back to a few times on harder difficulties because it's such a blast to play.

    Anyone else playing Thief? Chime in!
  16. Stiler Member

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    I got it but I have yet to dig into it yet. I pre ordered it (I had a coupon that gave me 35% off at the time so I couldn't resist, plus it's from the Tomb Raider developers and they did such a great job I though on the new Tomb Raider), however after reading all the reviews and things I was a bit hesistant and though I might have sadly wasted my money.

    Nice to read a positive review about it, will probably get a chance to get into it later this weekend.

    I am playing in the Elder Scrolls Online beta so it's been keeping me busy so far.

    So far it's a mixed bag. I really want to get into the PVP (it's like DAOC's realm vs realm vs realm) and from people that have been in the full-time beta (not just the weekend "stres stest beta's) it's very fun.

    One thing I am loving is the ability to wear/use anything,r egardless of your class. Finally an mmo that lets you be a mage who wears plate armor and uses melee weapon rather then being stuck in the archaic "robe and wizard hat" clicihe, which is nice to see them doing since you can do that in TES games.

    Also the crafting is very very nice and in depth, crafters can actually craft useful armor and upgrade it. the PVE doesn't stop crafting gear from being good or outclass it.

    Combat is the weakest point imo, which isn't much of a surprise since I find the combat in the single player TES games to be extremely poor/weak, it's no Dark Souls.

    However I am enjoying myself so far. It doesn't seem as "on rails" as other mmo's, you feel a sense of exploration and they have even got random quest that you come across while exploring which is a nice touch (IE walking along ar oad an npc ran up to me and asked me to help him and I accepted to start a quest).

    May be a bit strange but one of the most fun things to me so far has been fishing....yep fishing. It's nice just exploring the wilderness, finding some butterflies or such and using them as bait to go fishing with along the rivers/lakes/ocean and seeing what you can catch. People have been finding all sorts of neat things, from treasure maps (which give you loot when you find out where it is) to crafting recipes, to fish of course (used in alchemy/cooking).
  17. XerNosam New Member

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    Hey Stiler -

    I hope that you enjoy Thief as I am... I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it so please post a few tidbits on your opinion of it once you dig in for a few hours.

    I like ESO too - for the same reasons as you! I feel the combat is the weakest part but there's so much more to the game that it doesn't have too negative an impact on my overall impression. It still feels like it could use a bit more spit and polish but I just love running around and exploring... it's one of the things that draw me in to most MMOs I play - a vast world to explore. I like to see 'real' avatars running around and adventuring as well, though I'm never really one to group up or PvP.

    Fishing! Agree... really, really fun! :)
  18. Fnord Member

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    I've more or less binged on Civilization 5 as of late. During a 2-week period I've been able to play through 2½ MP games (the 3rd one is halfway done).

    First one ended up with one of the most depressive victories I've ever had though. I was playing as France, and the two other players were playing Rome & Mongolia. And the end Mongolia was in economic ruin, with a population that was so unhappy that it was revolting, and its army was in shambles. Rome was on its knees, with my artillery besieging their last two cities, and norther France (where most of the major cities used to be) was a nuclear wasteland. Paris had been hit by no less than 3 nukes, and most other major cities had also been hit. I won as I had a few more points than my opponents, but in reality, there were no winners.
  19. CrisGer Member

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    Tomb Raider 2013 is a total betrayal of the Tomb Raider legacy and series. It is filled with gratuitous violence, gore and gross content and will turn off any senstive lover of Lara from the start, she is forced to suffer humiliation that borders on fetish abuse with no apology at all and a crass Lord of the Flies environment that is a shallow sham compared to the marvelous settings of every other game up to the silly Guardians of the Light. I abhor what Square Enix has done for they clearly do not care about the series for its own merits and are trying to cram it into modern "popular" genres. I hope we can get rid of them soon. and keep the real Lara. She stops with TR Underworld.

    good luck with TES online, i hope it is ok.
  20. Stiler Member

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    Respectfully disagree with you on that Cris.

    The old Tomb Raiders from the start had gratuitious violence (just like the new one) though it wasn't as detailed because of the graphics of the time.

    It's a rebooting of the series , showing how Lara becomes the Lara Croft we all know.

    My main complaint with the game was the over-use of quicktime events, which I hate in almost any game and the lack of real "tombs" to explore/solve, it's more simialr to say, Uncharted then the older Tomb Raider games.

    However for a reboot of a series I thought it did well and hope the next one gives us more exploration and puzzle solving.

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