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What games other than adventure games are you playing?

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by Fnord, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Dona New Member

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    I'm not happy with where GW2 is at right now, but that quote is a load of bollocks. Nobody is limiting drops per week as this person "heard" - there is a known Diminishing Returns anti-farming mechanic that makes your drops worse if you stay in ONE PLACE farming for over an hour. GW2 was never meant to be a WoW-like grindfest, hence the DR implementation. The various stat boosters have ALWAYS been a part of the gem store - and at that, you get plenty by just playing the game (achievement point chests and personal story award them). The "magic find" system has changed quite a bit (for the better), so I've no idea what that person is talking about. I can't tell anything about the official forums because I avoided them because the mods were too lax (in my opinion) and allowed bickering, open developer libel, name-calling etc. They changed the way forums work last week-ish and are much less forgiving while more open for actual discussion.

    The levels are not a "huge grind", the XP boosters are simply something that helps you if you want to grind by killing enemies (XP booster = 30-50% more XP per enemy kill) - and there are FAR more efficient ways to level than that. Levelling hasn't changed since the launch, if anything the introduction of new consumables made it even faster. I have 6 lvl 80s, I'd know.

    I'm not trying to get you to buy the game, it just angers me when I see so much lies and misinformation in one place.
  2. Andromus Member

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    I've continued my Match 3/RPG stint with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. The space theme should have been a refreshing change from the usual fantasy theme one sees in these games, but the gameplay felt a little flat in actual execution. And there's this breathtakingly annoying hacking game (Come to think it of it, is there any other kind? you have to repeat 2-3 times at each solar system you visit. It can be bypassed, but only by using one of your resources that I ran out of all too soon.
  3. Stiler Member

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    Guild Wars 2 was fun for a bit, but it just got super super repetitive.

    Combat was boring as hell (it's not at all a real action game), like most mmo's that try "action" combat it still wants to keep itself tethered to mmo combat and it does so with it's hotkey setup and the shoddy dodging, etc.

    Also the fact that you don't get any new skills in terms of weapon abilities really really makes combat boring, you will have the exact same weapon abilities at lv 80 as you did at lv 1, and while that'd be fine if the combat was fun and skillful, it isn't.

    This "action" hybrid mmo's really need to decide to either go all in for action combat (And look at FUn action combat games, like Severance (aka Blade of Darkness), Kingdoms of Amalur, etc or decide to stick with the same old mmo combat, but don't half in-half out it.

    The world and character designs (especially the Sylvari) are wonderful and beautifully done.

    However it really is more of the same, npc's that are just standing around "waiting" for you to kill them (this is something that needs to change in mmo's, we need more dynamic AI, this RUINS exploring imo). The "heart" system is very repetitive, the "dynamic" events aren't all that dynamic, in the sense that you'll do them , someone else will do them, over and over and over, there's no "end" it just resets and starts again.

    Tihs is something that Asheron's Call understood well, with it's monthly "update" system they actually let things....end, if you missed out on one of these events well sorry, but that was it. You were either there for it, or you weren't. IT might have sucked but it made the world feel a lot more "dynamic"and alive then any other mmo out there.

    Also why is it that you hardly ever see GM ran events in mmo's anymore?

    I mean back in the late 90's, UO, Asheron's Call, even EQ, GM's/devs would actually DO things in games, create fun little events for people to have fun in, even something as silly as an in-game party or something cool like a massive undead invasion on a town, or take over an npc and "roleplay" as that character in the world.

    These days you hardly, if ever, see that happening anymore.

    I don't know about you, but if I was a dev on one of these big mmo's I'd LOVE to play with people and be able to both have fun myself but also offer them smoething fresh/different to play with in game then the same old same old.
  4. Fnord Member

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    Part of the reason was probably because of how much smaller and easily managed those were. Those big events that happen in today's MMOs (when they actually happen) attracts so much people that it is hard to actually get some form of structure in them unless they are heavily scripted. Also, at least with UO, the engine was a lot more flexible, giving the GMs more toys to play with. And I guess the companies hold their GMs on a shorter leash these days, as MMOs have gone from neat little experiments that are expected to earn a modest profit (UO for an example was considered to be considerably more successful than expected, and it was the first MMO to reach a subscription base of over 100 000) to gigantic and incredibly expensive things that requires the companies to make sure that no-one does anything to tarnish their reputation.
    The early MMOs were also far less structured games, expecting the players to make their own fun rather than the fun being served to them. This made the games a lot more open in terms of what GMs could do without interrupting the "expected" flow.

    Anyway, I finally managed to beat Ascension to the Throne. It is not a perfect game, and the "clothes" that most females characters wear are... interest... (or well, silly/stupid), but anyone looking for something somewhat similar to King's Bounty will probably enjoy it. It has this unforgiving but not really super hard quality that seem to be relatively common in Russian games, though the end game was just incredibly easy.
  5. markornikov Member

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    Lowering my expectations of Star wars: Old Republic was actually a good thing.
    Yes it has all the downsides of the MMO genre:

    - below average graphics
    - grinding to level up
    - too many repetitive quests (fetch x, save person y, kill z enemies)
    - the horrible 'WOW' interface and combat mechanics
    - other players running around like idiots, killing all immersion
    - locking out the best inventory to non-subscribers (i.e. pay to win)

    BUT actually it's one of the better MMO's i've played. I love the fact that all missions start with a fully voiced conversation describing the mission.
    They used the conversation mechanics of Mass Effect and also kept the morality system.
    At this point it isn't clear to me how much different the game would be if i reacted differently to the NPC's and if the storyline would be any different

    There're a lot of different character builds to choose from in the beginning, all of which have entirely differnt storylines, so the replay value is very good.
  6. Dona New Member

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    I'll have to disagree with you there... yes, you can unlock all weapon skills as soon as you make a character and they will not change, but having a lot of skills is just not the point. It's about horizontal progression and I guarantee you won't know all the ins and outs of a class unless you spend a lot of hours playing it. Knowing when to switch weapons, which combos to use, how you fit with the team, how the team uses combo fields... it all takes a lot of time. Yeah, open-world-PvE is rather easy, save it for Orr maps where you may need to use a stun breaker or two due to enemy pulls and knockdowns. Dungeons, especially Arah, are a whole different story. If you didn't feel the combat was dynamic enough perhaps you should have tried a different profession, as they all play veeery differently.

    I don't understand what you mean by GW2 not having permanent changes - it does, every two weeks. The world changes, two weeks ago they stealth-updated an already abandoned village (by sinking it completely and adding some mysterious NPC comments) and in the latest update they unveiled a huge tower there. There was one 'one time' event last year, but it was kind of a disaster because a lot of people couldn't make it because of different time zones. Now they give you 2-4 weeks to get things done. But once that's up, it's gone forever. The only exception is Super Adventure Box which returns ~twice a year and Zephyr Sanctum (my favourite!) which seems to be a yearly thing. I'm not counting holiday events because they are a bit more casual.

    ANet people play on NA servers and I don't think they do GMs - it's too complicated with the current system of two world zones and dozens of servers, there would ALWAYS be someone left out. But players do. In addition to RP servers, many guilds make 'open' events. Last week I participated in an event in which the players recreated last year's Halloween quest and taught us about lore, it was a lot of fun because I'd missed that quest last year. My guild does fun events almost every week, from quizzes to team challenges to costume brawl championships on tiny bridges. There are plenty of events if you seek them out.
  7. Stiler Member

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    Well I really mainly just stuck around the first three months or so then quit, so maybe those things were done after that.

    I was mainly referring to the "dynamic" event system, it just gets to feeling a bit pointless when everything reverts back and leads to your usual mmo'ism of seeing people doing the smae thing over and over and over.

    Wasn't aware they had some permanent changes every two weeks, that wasn't around back then when i played.

    Like many mmo's it can be quite a different game if you have a good active guild. I usually get stuck in a guild that starts off fun with lots of people, then over time dwindles down and quits and just uses chat and that's about it, no fun events or get togethers that often.

    I intended to plop in and check it from time to time but it's been a while, maybe I should give it another try soon.
  8. Fnord Member

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    The way UO did it was that they had individual event planners for every server (who would also work together with some of the guilds from time to time), so instead of trying to keep things absolutely equal between the servers, the event masters simply did what they thought would be best for their server. That was at least how it was last time I checked. There were also some events that happened on all servers, but the players still had some impact in regards to how they played out (you might for an example notice that there are different statues near the capital's main bank, commemorating how well that particular server did during one particular event).

    I've had the very opposite experience with my guilds. They start small, a few people who play together, but then they grow and grow, and become more serious, and in the end they want to raid. My guild in UO was the only one that was able to keep its personality, but that was mainly due to the nature of the game. Raiding was not the goal, nor was equipment, so there was a lot more room for player driven events, which was why some UO servers had such active RP communities (and it was an RP guild that I was in).
  9. CrisGer Member

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    It takes imagination to do dynamic things with MMOs and i keep hoping some developer will not only have the budget and the talent to MAKE the game world but also to make it alive and changing....not just the same thing over and over. I think there is a massive force exerted by a low level of quality people ie gamers who want to rush thru to the top level and strut around with their elite status and stuff, and who force boring and repetitive combat...killing things is the least imaginative way to advance a game and I have no doubts at all the high level of violence and insensitivty among young people today is due to the way that violence is casual and constant in just about all high level games. When will the developers grow up and realize that there is much more to life than killing and much more possible for games with imagination?
  10. Stiler Member

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    This is what I experienced in both UO, back in the 98-2001'ish era of UO, and Asheron's Call. GM's regularly did things with the players, from simple things like having parties/get togethers, torunaments, to more game changing things like an undead invasion on a town, etc. The world just felt so much more dynamic and alive back then then compared to mmo's these days.

    From things I've read a lot of people say it doesn't happen much anymore because of the size of the game population.

    What I don't get is why no company has thought to open this up to volunteers/players? I don't know about anyone else but I always thought it'd be fun to take on the role of a creature in mmo's or do something unique (similar to how you can do this in LOTR: online but in the full open world).

    They could set up a system whereby people could volunteer to take on certain "Roles" within itheir server and do events from time to time (With limits though, obviously dont' want them to be able to break the game or do something terrible). I meant here are a ton of die hard rpers that would jump at the chance to rp as one of the games heroes/villains and actually KNOW the lore behind the game, it seems like a huge untapped resource that mmo developers aren't even thinking about using.

    On the topic of violence, not sure I agree with you Cris, youth violence actually has been on a decline since the 90's, it's not like it's even at a all time high now compared to back in the early 90's vs today, where there are a lot more games/gamers. Doesn't really add up that violent games = violent youth.

    Of course parents should decide what's right/not right for their kids, definitely shouldn't let a 7 year old play GTA or something like that.
  11. Fnord Member

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    CDC posted this in March this year:
    showing a strong decline in youth-violence since 1994.

    Anyway, I do have to wonder why Activision never put their games on decent sales. I've been waiting for ages for Fall of Cybertron to go on one. In the end I just ordered a copy from Russia, which was a lot cheaper than buying one here (steam activated, and the game is not region locked). It is actually a nice game, at least for those of us who grew up with Transformers. I don't know how anyone who did not grow up with it will react, as the amount of fan-service is staggering.
  12. markornikov Member

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    X Rebirth: It's hard to describe how much of a disaster turns out to be.
    Performance is terrible for a lot of players, even though technically the game looks like it's 5 years old.
    I didn't realise until now that egosoft still uses DX9, which clearly shows in-game, horrid textures, terrible lighting effects, ugly shadows, etc.
    Gameplay wise the game is riddled with gamebreaking bugs: random crashes, corrupted saves, getting stuck in stations, in air vents, UI not always working,...

    I hope things get better when things are patched, but in it's current state it really is unplayable
  13. Stiler Member

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    I bit on it as well, biting at the reins for a new space game waiting for Star Citizen and it looked great from the previews and videos.

    The game is choppy as heck for me, sometimes I get 25'ish fps, sometimes I get 60 fps, it just seems to randomly go up and down, even if I'm looking at more things on screen I can get higher fps then looking at something not nearly as detailed.

    Also a space sim game with no Joystick support? What?
  14. Fnord Member

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    I tried that LOTR MOBA that came with the latest Humble Bundle (Guardians of Middle Earth). That was a mistake. I played with a group of friends, all sitting on 10mbit+ connections (most have 100mbit connections), and the game lagged horribly for all of us. Reading online, it would seem like pretty much everyone is having major lag issues with this game. So don't bother with this one, it is a multiplayer game with broken netcode, thus it is more or less unplayable.

    *edit* By the way, i intend to try LOTR online, and as some people here play it, what server are you on?
  15. Lucien21 Member

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    Dammit I though that game looked pretty good as well.
  16. Lucien21 Member

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    Just finished the latest Batman game.

    It's a prequel that seems more or less a copy of Arkham City without that certain polish and spark that Rocksteady have put into the series.

    Hopefully the next gen game they are working on is as good as the first two games as this one, although fun seemed like a safe sequel that could have done more with it's Early days Batman premise.
  17. Stiler Member

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    I can't be the only one that wish Rocksteady would move off of Batman and make a Superman game. WE have multiple good batman games from the old Genesis one to the Rocksteady ones but we haven't got a single decent Superman game.
  18. Lucien21 Member

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    Rumour has it they may be working on a next gen Justice League game, but probably still Batman centric
  19. Spiritogre Member

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    I'm a huge RPG and MMORPG fan (watch my blog rpcg.blogspot.com if you know German, that is). And I was a huge fan of Guild Wars 1 and preordered GW2, also played some Beta weekends. But when the game finally was out I somehow couldn't get myself to play it. I still want to, though. At least one character.

    I also (re-) discovered Rift. Pretty similar to WoW just with better graphics. I like it a lot. I was able to catch a free copy of Rift and Storm Region on Raptr shortly before it became F2P so I don't have most F2P limitations. At the moment Rift is my MMORPG of choice that I like to play once in a while.

    I can also recommend Neverwinter. The graphics ist just so so but still okay. Controls are a bit tricky at first (and after a break) but the game is free to play as well and you can play through the story once without a problem (or the need to pay a dime).

    Blood Knights just came out. It's a Diablo / Sacred like Action RPG / Hack & Slay. For the genre the graphics looks great - it's not even close to be state of the art, though. However it is a budget title and available for PS 3 / XBox 360 as download only für 15 Euro or PC Retail for 20 Euro. The PC version cries out to be played with a XBox 360 pad - the only pad - once more - that is supported by a PC game. The game is rather short, 7 to 8 hours people say. What I like is, that it has a decent and interesting story. A vampire hunter is bound to a (sexy) vampire and they are forced to fight together.

    Else, what am I playing? I currently try to complete my PS3 collection. Now, while the new consoles come out especially used retail games are getting pretty cheap. I just got and can recommend Dragon's Dogma, not perfect but I somehow really like it. Persona 4 Arena and DMC - Devil May Cry are both real fun.
  20. Lucien21 Member

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    Dragon's Dogma is currently free on Playstation Plus. Is it any good?

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