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Playing Dreamfall on Win7 and Win8 Systems

Discussion in 'Hints and Tips' started by CB, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. CB Member

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    Although the long anticipated release of Dreamfall Chapters is still a bit more than a year away, murmurings of Dreamfall replays are starting to whisper about. I’ll join that crowd eventually of course but it won’t be for a while. Still it’s probably not a bad idea to see how my original game (the six CD version) is going to work out on newer operating systems, Windows 7 64 and Windows 8 64. I'm aware that GOG has released this game (kudos for them) and it lists it as compatible with both mentioned operating systems. The bad news is that the regular (currently not on sale) price is $14.99. My general rule of thumb as to buying games I already own is simply a dollar value that is $5.99 or less, so best only to use this a last resort.

    So getting started the first thing I noticed on the back of the box is a statement:

    This game contains technology to prevent copying that may conflict with some disk and virtual drives. As anyone familiar with Starforce may know, this is just one of the issues that it's known to inflict on computers. It doesn’t state anything specific other than that so I wasn’t sure which type of protection was used. However, statements I’ve seen on the web include:

    European copies of Dreamfall use Starforce. US copies use SecuROM.

    The limited Edition, available in Europe, is from Scandinavia and will have Starforce copy protection. Copies shipped through Aspyre (who are publishing the U.S. version), will use Securom copy protection.

    I have the Aspyr release so I guess that answers that. For games with StarForce the version is which if I had to guess is not going to be compatible with newer systems. We can worry about that later.

    Installing the game:

    Have autorun disabled and go to the CD drive directory and change the setup.exe file compatibility to WinXP SP3 and run as administrator. My default install is to Program Files (x86)\Funcom\Dreamfall. Install the game and change disks as prompted.

    When this is completed open the windows command prompt window as administrator.

    Start – All Programs – Accessories – then right click Command Prompt and select run as administrator. You should see


    To disable the digital driver signing check, type in and enter the following command:

    Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON

    If correct the prompt will return with: The operation completed successfully.

    As a byproduct of lending this game to too many of my friends it seems that the CD key has gone missing. This means replacing the original dreamfall.exe file. If you’ve played Black Mirror on a system later than XP then chances are you’ve followed a similar SOP to bypass Starforce. You can find the resources you need HERE
    Just to be safe and all make sure you understand the terms of use. Look for:

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey V 1.0 [English] Fixed EXE/Resource Files and download:

    File Archive #1 [5.9MB] – Reloaded

    The filename is rld-dlj2.rar and for convenience I just extract it to desktop and then replace it as the new dreamfall.exe in the Dreamfall main directory. Start the game as administrator.

    That’s it for my Win7 64bit laptop. After spending some time with all the setup options (I forgot how extensive they were) Dreamfall is ready and waiting to begin the journey again.
    We’ll see about Win8.
  2. inm8#2 Member

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    Nice work!
  3. Karla Administrator

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    Eek! *cringes* :confused:

    Great info, CB!

    Dreamfall is one of the two games that will work for me on Win8 Pro. It's a US copy so I guess it has SecuROM.

    I installed it straight from the discs and had no problems. So far, the game plays just fine (knocking all the wood I can find).
  4. CB Member

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    That's great news Karla, I was sort of hoping someone might try it out. I implied that I was going to, really, but in all honestly I'm just not totally up to speed ready with Win8 quite yet. :(
  5. Karla Administrator

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    I think I can confidently say that I will never be ready for Win8, even though I've been "using" it (translation: fighting with it) for a couple of months now. The more I try to use it, the worse it gets and the more I despise it. Microsoft has created an OS that's the pinnacle of a rancid, squirming pile of garbage. Unfortunately, I can't afford to do anything about it right now.

    So beware the leering, slobbering Gorgon that is Windows 8. It will rob you of your sanity and try to suck your brains out.
  6. Val Member

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    If anyone is interested, I mentioned in another thread that I thought you could still buy Win7 "out there" - was getting a new printer the other day at newegg and one of the icons on the screen were versions of Win7 for sale.
  7. Lucien21 Member

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    I would certainly watch. Last year I installed Dreamfall on my Win 7 PC and Starforce crippled my PC to the point I had to wipe everything and reinstall windows and everything else.

    It installed ok, but when I rebooted the PC it wouldn't restart the PC.

    So after I reinstalled everything I tried again, but used a piece of software to crack the EXE and strip the starfarce out of the system and it worked fine.

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