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Playing Anacrhonox on XP and Beyond

Discussion in 'Hints and Tips' started by CrisGer, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. CrisGer Member

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    A fix for Anachronox that will allow it to run on XP: actually several fixes, the first one works for me..i have XP Pro SP 3
    Nvida Card 9600 GT

    After applying all the patches, official and unofficial,

    Anachronox Fix

    To get it to play on Nvida cards currently (2013)

    turn ON Extension limits on the card control panel
    Another method is - edit ref_gl.dll, find strings "GL_EXTENSIONS: %s" and replace "%s" to "%p". This is working for all Q1 and Q2 engine games, by the way.
    rename anox.exe to mohaa.exe
    anox.exe to quake3.exe or q3.exe.

    or buy it from GOG for under 10.00 US, as they have fixed the compatability problems.

    enjoy one of the most unique and wonderful adventure-rpg-action games around.
  2. Tincup2 Member

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    Yeah, I snagged Anachronox *and* Omikron from GOG for only $3 each...

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