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Most anticipated games

Discussion in 'Everything but Adventure Games' started by markornikov, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. markornikov Member

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    Allow me to relaunch Fnord's topic on the legacy forums.
    What games are you looking forward too?

    On my wishlist is now X:Rebirth, at first i thought 'meh, another boring X game', but looking at the gameplay trailer it looks amazing

    Walking around your own spaceship and space stations, recruiting crew and building your own space empire sounds like the space sim i've been waiting for since Freelancer

  2. Stiler Member

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    For me, the main games I'm looking forward to:

    Everquest Next, which was just shown off for the first time this past weekend:

    I really really hope they do it well and keep all they have said in. THe ability for people to destroy the world, dig tunnels and discover unground dungeons, etc. Then throw in the ability for the everquest "Landmark" (Which is it's own game coming out later this year, before EQN launches) where players can build up their own creations (think minecraft) and they can make it into everquest next.

    Then the way they are changing how you do classes. There's no more "I'm a warrior, this is all I am." Now they are making it where you discover and unlock classes (you still pick a starting class, but you aren't "locked" into it). There's over 40 classes and you have to unlock them throughout the world by discovering them , through quests, etc. Then you are able to make your own "Custom" class by taking skills from any class you unlock and you're able to mix and match them into your own class.

    I am also looking forward to:
    Star Citizen
    The Witcher 3
    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Project Eternity
    Beyond Two Souls
    GTA 5 (Just one month! yay)
    Rome 2 total war (again, comes out in a month, can't wait)
    Jane Jensen's Moebius
    Syberia 3 (How long is this going to take? Haven't seen any new info on it since it was announced)
    Asylum (helped kickstart it, hope it does well)
    Assassin's Creed 4
    The Division (probably my favorite game shown off at e3)
  3. Fnord Member

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    http://battle-worlds.com/]Battle Worlds: Kronos[/url] looks really interesting. It reminds me a lot of the old Battle Isle games (1-3, not Incubation or 4). Also, it is by the same people who made Book of Unwritten Tales.
  4. DeathRay Guest

    My top four at this moment are:

    1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition (available 8/27/13 from Steam)
    2. Batman: Arkham Origins (available 10/25/13 from Steam)
    3. Thief (also available from Steam sometime 2014)
    4. The Witcher 3

    I really don't see this list changing as these should last me about a year with my available gaming time.

    Currently finishing up Resident Evil 6 on the PC with Ada Wong's campaign. Personally, I'm loving it overall, especially how each campaign intersects at some point in each one.

    Happy gaming.
  5. CrisGer Member

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    The Thief series has some wonderful qualities but i get tired of having to sneak so much. I guess i just an not a good sneaker but they are remarkable esp the last one and it is interesting to see that the developers feel there is enough support for a new title. thanks for the posts and the good info here. So much to keep track of.
  6. Ray Ivey Member

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    By a LARGE margin: THIEF. THIEF, baby, THIEF.

    After that:

    Moebius (of course)
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Dragon Age Inquisition (of course)
    Beyond Two Souls
  7. CrisGer Member

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    I didn't know you were a fan of the THIEF series Ray, the previous last one was quite nice, i loved the graphics but i do get tired of sneaking..i wish there were options that allowed just out and out normal movement :)

    I had no idea they were making a game from the all time low trash pile called South Park, it continues to horrify my in more ways than i can say that such a terrible collection of crudity ever was made at all. I will be sure to avoid it completely.
  8. markornikov Member

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    :mad: Watch Dogs has been delayed until 2014. Good thing i didn't buy it on pre-order, Ubisoft has a bad reputation when it comes to meeting deadlines
  9. Stiler Member

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    Was SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed to hear that news.

    Just a month left until release and they delay it for over SIX MONTHS, ugh :(, that's a hell of a long time to "polish" a game.

    I think they either were scared that it was releasing too close to ACIV (and would cut into its sales) or that it was too close to GTA V to compete with it this holiday season.

    It looks like it also hit their stocks pretty hard, ubisoft's stock dropped 25% today!
  10. markornikov Member

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    I was thinking about buying ubi stocks a few months ago, with all those great games coming out soon.
    Good thing i mistrusted Ubi enough not to do it :D
  11. markornikov Member

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    4-4-14 The Elders Scrolls Online, too bad it's an mmo and not the next TES game
  12. CrisGer Member

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    Yes i am afraid they sold out to the MMO path, it is frankly just about not possible to make a MMO that is NOT a clone of WOW they all are and all are about loot and leveling up and gear and that of course killing, always killing to advance. Nothing new under the MMO sun yet at all. So i will probably not even bother ...whiich is sad as i love Oblvoin and Morrowind. May go back and up date Morrowind with the new graphics and Vurts wonderful textures.
  13. Stiler Member

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    It is possible, many companies just don't want the risk though.

    In the early days of mmo's when you had Ultima Online, Everquest, and Asheron's Call all three of these games were quite different.

    Ultima Online was much more a sandbox, like the Elder Scrolls games. You were plopped into the world of Britiana and free to do as you wish. The game was what you made of it. You didn't have to fight or anything, you could for all intents just craft things, go out and tame animals (eventually working your way up to a dragon!), buy a house, decorate it, etc.

    IT was an extremely social game, there was no hand holding, and players were free to be good or bad if they wished. There was a system in place of consequences for people that did bad things (IE player stealing or killing), they were banned from the major cities, you could call for the town guards if someone tried to pickpocket you and was detected (and they insta killed players).

    Red's were generally kos to most guilds. So they were hunted when out and about (though you did have guilds of reds (aka pkers). It wasn't a perfect system, but imo it's far better then the usual mmo style today of simply forcing everyone to be the "hero/good guy" (even if this pick an evil/bad alignment).

    Everquest is what brought about the "theme park" style of mmo, which sadly is about 99% of what mmo's that followed it used. It was fun for it's time, but when it's all you bloody have for over a decade it gets old.

    Asheron's Call was a happy medium between the two. It was much more open then EQ was in terms of loot/freedom and world design. The thing that set it apart was the monthly updates it had that actually changed the world, from simple things like in-game seasons (IE an area that was once lush and green would start snowing and then build up over time to become covered in deep snow) or story releated things that affected the gameplay (IE an "alien" invasion that you physically saw in game with giant spiries over the major cities and new "shadow" creatures roaming the wilderness). To even the games hero fighting against it's main villain.

    There are a few I'm looking forward to that might things a bit.

    Everquest next for example, is NOT following in EQ/EQ2's footsteps. Instead they have said it's going to be a sandbox. You can literally dig through the world, finding caves and other things below ground to explore. Also they are releasing a game prior to EQnext known as EQ Landmark, which is similar to minecraft, where you have a world and you can build things out of voxels (so they don't have to be square only but can be rounded/shaped). Which some things might make their way into EQnext that players build.

    Then there's Camelot Unchained, which is a kickstarter mmo from Mark Jacobs (the guy who made Dark Age of Camelot), which unlike most mmo's is focused on pvp, there are no "quests" or "looting" from monsters (that doesn't mean there won't be npc's/creatures), but it's focused on player interaction, pvp, player crafting, etc.
  14. CrisGer Member

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    Wow Stiller thanks so much for that post, it is very very interesting to me as i am just coming out of another long MMO study project and your post brings up many very intriguing points and thoughts. thanks so much for the sharing really appreciate it.
  15. markornikov Member

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    hmpf, Thief and Castlevania 2 are getting really poor reviews. They're off my wishlist for the time being.

    Especially thief is bad news, because i was really interested to see the gameworld, but the atmosphere and story appears to be very bland and level design seems to be bad as well. :confused:
  16. CrisGer Member

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    I may re load Neverwinter 2 or is iit 3? whatever. it is a free MMO on line i got to level 35 or so but stopped, early last year will have to check and see if it is still around.


    UPDATE: oh oh, looks like they are trying to force players into a "social network" for Neverwinter 2, called ARC..i will never ever ever use any form of social gossipy junk mail like Twittertrash, Defaced Bunk or any of the horrible gossip time waster systems.

    I hope they have an installer otherwise they will not see me back
  17. markornikov Member

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    If you weren't stoked for Dragon Age III yet, this awesome trailer will, it makes Skyrim look dull in comparison...

  18. markornikov Member

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    Adding Civilization: Beyond Earth to the list, the spiritual successor of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.
    I played that games for months when i was a kid :D
    Judging from the screenshots released there's a lot of resemblance to Civ V visually, which is a good thing.

    Better yet, it will be released at the end of the year
  19. Lucien21 Member

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    Elite Dangerous

    Star Citizen

    Space Shooting Heaven upcoming.
  20. CrisGer Member

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    I am going to have to get a second Windows 7 system so i can play Star Citizen and the new X universe games i am sooo tired of the same old very simplified arcade format of Wing Commander-Privateer...buy ship add to ship get credits fix ship get new ship, ...with no sense of realism or abiltiy to interact with interior spaces. Very few space games have had any kind of interiors on ships or stations or ability to land on planets, that is what I really hope for..and computers CAN do it now too.

    thanks for the updates.

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