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Lost Echo

Discussion in 'The Next Big Thing' started by Lucien21, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Lucien21 Member

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    In the near future Greg's girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him. He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her? Solve puzzles, explore fully 3d environments, interact with numerous characters and solve the mystery!

    Lost Echo, is a story driven, point and click adventure game designed for iPhone and iPad.

  2. CrisGer Member

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    Wow that looks superb, i love the Trailer...and the music is very cool as well. I hope there will be a PC version as well as the periferial versions. thanks a lot for that posting.
  3. bonsai Member

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    Wow this looks great! Too many formats these days. Hope this comes out for PC too!
  4. CrisGer Member

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    I am a bit ...well, aware...that there have been many "lost people" story games. It would be fun to try to make a list of them all lol. Not to be negative about this quite nice looking new game.
  5. Val Member

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    Love the solitary, "clean" sci-fi environment.
  6. Vagelis Antonopoulos New Member

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    Hey guys. This is Vagelis, one of the two persons that developed Lost Echo. Thanks for posting our game here!
    Just wanted to write here that the release date for the game is on 27 of September.
    Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know!
    Also thanks for your nice comments!
  7. Karla Administrator

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    I've just re-posted the video and added some screens and info about the game here:

    Looks like a nice game, Vagelis! :)

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