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Help for Playing Older Games on XP and beyond

Discussion in 'Hints and Tips' started by CrisGer, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. CrisGer Member

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    I have worked hard to assemble and assist with patches and fixes to help players play older games on modern OS and systems, and will be happy to help advise and I know others here in the Just Adventure Forum will too if you have problems running older games like Anachronox, and Omikiron Nomad Soul, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, and others which have issues and problems that can be fixed and dealt with and for quite a few I have patches available for download. I will try to post some resources here when i have time..and always we here in the community are here to help.

    GAMES that i have or know of fixes or Patches for to help with successful play:

    Anachronoox - All original Patches plus developers resources, mods and Play patch for XP
    Omikiron - The Nomad Soul - mods and Play Patch for XP
    Atlantis - The Lost Tales - Play Patch set for XP
    Starship Titanic - Play Patch for XP
    The Crystal Key I and II - Video patch and play patches for XP
    The Longest Journey - patchs and patch help for versions for XP
    Dreamfall - Video Patch for XP
    Knights of the Old Republic I and II - Play aids, dll fix, and XP and Dual Core fix, and
    restoration resource to restore lost content.
    X Wing - Star Wars - Play patches and complete update version for XP w/ improved graphics
    Tie Fighter- Star Wars - Complete update incd graphics for XP
    X Wing Alliance - Complete Model upgrade
    The Witcher - Bink Patch to fix video stutter
    Mafia I - Huge set of mods including infinite draw mod, and full save games
    Mafia II - mods, and save games and blink patch for video
    Total War Empire - Bink Video Patch
    Grim Fandango - Full Video and Play patch for XP
    Loom - Rare Audio and text drama to give back story
    URU - The Complete Chronicles - Official Cyan no CD patch and Fly Mode patch
    Riven - Patch for play with original 5 CD set
    The Silent Hunter Series - III, IV and V - Extensive Mod sets and fixes
    Morrowind - Complete Upgrade graphics and mod sets
    Oblvion - Extensive Mods sets
    Microsoft Train Sim - Complete patches and tool sets, and resources and mods
    FS Flight Sim - Graphics patches, water patches, and mod sets and tools
    Tomb Raider Underworld - Lara Figure Restoration Patch
    Tomb Raider Series - Complete Series XP patch and tool set
    Wing Commander - complete set of released Development tools and mods
    Freelancer - Extensive Mods sets and tools
    Freespace I and II - Complete Graphics upgrade and extensive lilbrary of rare mods
    Homeworld I and II - Mod Sets and rare fixes
    Far Cry - Extensive rare Map sets and mods
    Crysis I - complete environment patch upgrade set including full day night cycle

    more than i can remember at the moment. :)
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  2. bonsai Member

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    That's awesome of you! Been using VirtualPC for my old Win98 and earlier games, but some launchers/patches have helped also......like The Neverhood Project. Again thanks!
  3. CrisGer Member

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    When i have time i will post a list of older games and fixes and links to patches when available and also some special tricks to them them running when useful.
  4. Val Member

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    Just for information - if there's a game not on the list, GOG has some older games as well that have been configured with DOSbox, etc so they'll play on new OS'. It does cost, though, but as cheap as $2.99 in some cases. I think the most I paid was $9.99. It was worth it for me to pay the money to just download the game, install, and run. No fiddling whatsoever. And I have the boxed versions of these games but didn't want to go through the hassles that I used to. I don't have the patience anymore. ;)
  5. CrisGer Member

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    Yes the GOG games have been, that i have tried or tested, very well done. They have surmounted many of the OS problems and their games do run well. I work to help those who may want to run the original game from original disks or who are otherwise interested in preserving the heritage of older games. But GOG has done great work and service for all in this regard and have a very extensive list. It may take me some time to assemble and refresh the resources from my various archives and files, for I have been doing this work for over a decade and more now. ...but i will be happy to help with individual games until I can get the resources posted and availalbe or help you connect with experts who can help ..or any of our great community can and will chime in as they always do.

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