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Games on Windows 8

Discussion in 'Adventure Games' started by Karla, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. CB Member

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    Karla, is Still Life the GOG version? I know I played it on Win 7. The original version won't work on any OPSYS past XP because of the (unspeakable) DRM.

    If it turns out to help anyone I'll list the steps I took to get Culpa Innata running with Win8.

    Have autorun disabled
    Insert disc and open DVD drive directory
    Change setup compatibility to Vista - run as admin
    Run setup to the default directory
    DL the Vista patch V 1.03 which you can find HERE
    Extract the patch to the Strategy First - Culpa Innata main directory
    In the Culpa Innata main directory run the patch application. It's called: CulpaInnata_Upd_EN_100-103
    Go to Start menu and run the game. First time you'll need to enter the Serial No.
  2. Kilroy Administrator

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    Here is a good place to find Windows 7 and other version of Windows as well.
  3. JKing New Member

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    If memory serves Still Life worked just fine for me in Windows Vista with a cracked executable; a little digging around the Web should be all that's required.
  4. CB Member

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    I believe you are absolutely right with that JKing. That was exactly how I was able to 'fix' the original Black Mirror game. By the time I got around to Still Life the gods had answered my prayers and the game popped up on GOG and shortly after it went on sale.
  5. CrisGer Member

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    I will keep digging also, as this is a challenge we can share info as we find it and that was very nice to have that info on Cupla Inata CB thanks.
  6. Jenny100 Member

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    The GOG version of Still Life doesn't work on my Windows 8 computer. I've tried installing to the (My) Documents folder and running as administrator. It just kept giving me a nice black screen. I tried different compatibilities. XP and Vista compatibility gave me the black screen. The only compatibilities that got any result at all were Windows 95 and Windows 98/ME. With those, I got the opening cut scene. However the first thing you do in the game is talk to the policeman and the game froze there in both Windows 95 and 98/ME compatibilities.

    I found this website which says you can play it on 64-bit Windows 7 if you set compatibility to NT 4.0.

    That's nice for Windows 7 and Vista, but stupid Windows 8 doesn't have NT4 or 2000 compatibility.
    Hopefully GOG will eventually have an update that fixes the problem.
  7. InlandAZ Member

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    The Still Life Vista patch was nothing more than a DRM crack. As I recall, the included text file was signed by one of the developers at Microids, but who’d really know. Kind of makes me wonder if that's not what GOG packaged up in their release.

    I’ve still got a couple instances of Windows 8 running as VM’s, maybe I’ll try running the game there – a black screen sounds a lot like a driver issue. Did Still Life have a software rendering option?
  8. Jenny100 Member

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    That's what I'd have thought -- either a driver issue or something to do with displaying what was originally a fullscreen image on a widescreen monitor.
    But the game actually started and played up until the point where you talk to the police officer in Win95 and 98/ME compatibility modes (at which point it froze and I had to kill the game with Task Manager), so that suggests to me it's a Windows 8 issue -- and maybe also a Windows 7 issue if you don't use compatibility for NT 4.0 as described by
    the alexborisov site I linked to

    If Windows 8 had NT 4.0 as a compatibility option, the game might be coaxed into playing.
    I don't remember seeing a software rendering option in Still Life, but then I didn't go searching for one.
  9. CB Member

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    List (may not be up to date) of GOG games that are not Win8 compatible HERE
  10. InlandAZ Member

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    I took a quick peak at the specs for the game and one of the items that caught my eye was: DirectX 8.1b. I'll look for my copy later today, and see how far I can get, it's not where I thought it was. :)

    I don't recall if DirectX was included by default when the game was installed. And... the link CB provided states that it's not compatible.
  11. Jenny100 Member

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    The version I installed, which I downloaded yesterday in case GOG had updated it, did not appear to install DirectX.
  12. InlandAZ Member

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    Well, I've played to the point that I've returned to the police station and talked to Claire in the morgue. How far did you get?

    Also, when I first started the game, Windows notified me that the game required Direct Play and installed it for me. There are a couple of DRM patches available, I used the one from CGW. It included a set of DLL's that needed to be moved to the game's DLL folder. Is that the one you used?
  13. Jenny100 Member

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    The game froze as soon as I tried to talk to the policeman -- right after the opening cut scene.
    Around 2:08 into this video

    Only she never talks to the policeman, just stands there holding the tray and everything's frozen.

    That was with Windows 95 and 98/ME compatibility mode.
    If I didn't use Windows 95 or 98/ME compatibility mode I got a black screen that never went away.

    I didn't get any message about Direct Play.

    It sounds like you have the disc version. Maybe that version installs DirectX files from a previous version of DirectX?
    Do you see any DirectX on your game disc?
  14. InlandAZ Member

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    DirectX 8.1b is on the CD, but I never saw any indication that it was installed - I'll see if I can locate a listing of the library names, and then check for them in Windows. BTW this is windows 8.1 I'm running.

    Yep, it's the CD version - I'm not specifying any compatibility settings and it was installed to Program Files(x86).

    Edit -

    I do see that some of the Directx8 modules were installed.
  15. Jenny100 Member

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    That could be part of the difference. I have the original 8.

    I wonder if installing DirectX 8.1b from Microsoft would work -- or would the game need specific DirectX files that aren't usually distributed.
  16. InlandAZ Member

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    This distribution library is only 25MB - what's the name of that upload service you use?

    Edit -

    Never mind, I have it - check your PM's.
  17. Jenny100 Member

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    I use Dropbox now. But I'll check the PM.
  18. InlandAZ Member

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    They are uploaded, let me know if you have issues getting to them.
  19. Jenny100 Member

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    No luck.
    I downloaded the files, and Windows 8 "says" it's installed them a split second after I click the install button, but I'm not finding them in the Windows\System32 folder (is that where they go?) and there's no change in the way the game plays. I tried installing both by double-clicking and by right-clicking the dxsetup file.

    If I right-click the dxsetup and Troubleshoot compatibility, it suggests XP SP3 settings. However when I try to run it that way it presents me with a box with an option to install, but then refuses to acknowledge clicks on the Install button.

    I did not get a message saying I needed to update DirectShow.

    This is with Windows 8 Professional.
    Windows 8 Home and Windows 8.1 may act differently for all I know.

    I can open the cab files with 7-zip, but none of the file names I checked were actually installed as far as I can tell. At least they didn't show up in the Windows folder with a DIR filename /S from a command prompt with admin privilege.

    I wonder what would happen if I just extracted the cab files with 7-zip and dumped the contents into the Still Life folder.

    EDIT --

    I rebooted the computer to its Windows 7 x64 partition -- fresh install, never had any games played on it, with DirectX 8.1 or otherwise -- and installed the GOG Still Life on it.

    Interestingly the desktop shortcut that the GOG install created was automatically set to run as an administrator, with compatibility mode set to NT 4.0, with desktop composition disabled, and with visual themes disabled. So maybe that's how GOG gets it to run in Vista and Windows 7.

    And the game ran in Windows 7 without freezing when I talked to the policeman. No separate install of DirectX 8.1 or any configuration on my part.

    So I'm guessing the problem with Windows 8 isn't due to a lack of DirectX 8.1 files -- unless the GOG install does install DirectX 8.1 and it was blocked by Windows 8 but not Windows 7. Of course I could be wrong.
  20. InlandAZ Member

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    DirectX.png I found them here -

    I couldn't hurt to give it shot. You might also want to look for DirectPlay an install that.

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