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Day of the Tentacle - Mac version for Trade

Discussion in 'Gamers Market' started by Tincup2, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Tincup2

    Tincup2 Member

    Jul 25, 2013
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    I mistakenly picked up a very nice clean boxed copy of the Mac version of DOTT. Anyone interested in [a] trading for a like copy of the PC version, or (b) trading for another game/games?

    Things I'm looking for - in rough order of preference:

    Ultima Underworld II: boxed with all documentation
    Samorost 1 & 2: boxed collector's edition
    Combat Mission 2: Battle for Normandy
    Close Combat: any of the current series [Longest Day, Last Stand Arnhem, Cross of Iron etc]
    Steal Beasts Gold: boxed with all documentation
    Hidden & Dangerous 2 - Sabre Squadron
    Neuro [russian FPS]
    Black Dahlia
    Darkness Within 2

    or something interesting...

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