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Changing your style

Discussion in 'With A Little Help From My Friends' started by cygnus, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. cygnus Moderator

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    Cheers all,

    A quick walkthrough on how to change the colors on your forum pages.

    First, a scavenger hunt: find this section in the bottom left hand of your screen,

    To begin the transformation, click on the style text. In the picture, this is the “Light Style - Blue” text.

    This will open the keeper of all secrets… or style window if you’re boring.


    To change your colors, click on any of the available styles. I like black personally so lets do that.


    This will close the style window and change your color to that of the style selected. BEHOLD!


    Very slick.
  2. Lady Kestrel Member

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    The blue and white seems easiest on the eyes. The red makes my eyes bleed. I'll stick with the blue.
  3. ScottAlan New Member

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    Thanks for the walkthrough! Maybe I'll give it a go later today.
  4. CrisGer Member

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    thank you very much, fun to have quests on our own forum :)
  5. Helen Member

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    Nice! Im trying the dark blue for a bit. :)
  6. Spiritogre Member

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    Honestly saying, all the styles look a bit hmmm horrible is the best word that comes to mind.
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  7. Helen Member

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    I personally think theres a nice variety, but to each his own.
  8. Mark New Member

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    I agree. Kilroy said he/she was going to work towards the original style our late Adventure Game guru - dear Randy Sluganski - presented to us.

    So far... nothing.

    Granted, I know it may be difficult to emulate the original JA+ Forums "look". But it was organic. It felt real, as if there was an actual human being behind all of this, not some bottom-line, Let's-Get-This-Mundane-Task-Over-With look.

    Doesn't whomever owns the JA+ name now care about its legacy enough to make it a lovely tribute to its originator without the obvious pretense of "Selling Games"?

    I agree, Spiritogre. This current style of the JA+ Forums really turns me off. So damn sterile and it's as if there is no one there behind it all.
  9. Mark New Member

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    Sigh. I guess I'm still grieving the loss of Randy and what once was. Poorly, I might add, since I'm dealing with grief through anger.
  10. Kilroy Administrator

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    Hi Mark

    I have not have been able to truly attempt the forum style and I can not promise I will be able to get this to work.

  11. Karla Administrator

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    When I first got here, I made things black with white text, for two reasons: (1) this scheme is supposed to be easiest on the eyes, and (2) I was in a very dark frame of mind at the time. I was so depressed that I re-read Orwell's 1984 and it cheered me up.

    After awhile, however, I went back to the original color scheme. I'm not really depressed now. I'm furious. (Don't ask.) :D
  12. Helen Member

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    wouldnt be windows 8 by any chance would it? :D

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