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Chains of Satinav- even the walkthrough tells me I'm right!

Discussion in 'Hints and Tips' started by Maum, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Maum Member

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    I have recently started playing Chains of Satinav. It is rather twee and (even for me) one of the easiest games I have ever played but the story isn't too bad and I rather want to finish it.

    The problem I have is that I am stuck for no apparent reason. I am trying to get an audience with Harm the 'honest merchant'. I have the answer to the first two questions and have obtained the crib of smuggler's banter which should allow me to answer the third question.
    However every time I go up to the guard and he asks me the third question (ie what is banter for money) my character isn't given the option to answer anything. He just stutters stupidly and gets sent away.
    I ended up looking through a walkthrough and have seemingly done everything I can. Any ideas?
  2. CB Member

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    JustTheMantis has a video playthrough on YouTube. Did you look at that? I didn't have any problems playing the game.
  3. Maum Member

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    Sorry, I just saw that! I'll have a look. Thanks

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